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The 3P's Keeping You From Progress

December 05, 2023 Adam Mckenzie Season 1 Episode 29
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The 3P's Keeping You From Progress
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Are you overwhelmed by a sense of stagnation, struggling to see discernable progress in your life? 
What if the answer lies not in relentless hustle but in shifting your perspective and refining your purpose? 

Our conversation in this episode revolves around this vital connection between perspective and progress. 

We dive deep into understanding how past experiences, trauma, and pain can cloud our vision, causing us to remain stuck in unproductive patterns. 

We underscore that progress, in any form, is a stepping stone to happiness. 

It could be as simple as drinking more water or sticking to a consistent daily routine. Every small step matters!

In the pursuit of personal growth, being proactive and showing perseverance is non-negotiable.
 Life is bound to present challenges, but it's our reaction to these challenges that truly counts. In our discussion, we emphasize the importance of controlling our reactions and maintaining focus on our circle of influence. 
Moreover, we explore 'the three P's of self-mastery': perspective, proactivity, and perseverance! 
My dedication has always been to help women break free from negative cycles to realize lasting transformation is possible, no matter how many times you have tried and failed!

I am Adam McKenzie and I help empower busy people with the keys to achieve self-love, self-mastery & extraordinary results with simple proven solutions that work! 💪

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Speaker 1:

What are the three biggest reasons that you are struggling to achieve the level of progress that you want? I will make sure that you stay all the way through to the end of this episode, because number three is the biggest factor in why we see some people progress towards the end results that they want and achieve the goals that they're after, and why they don't. Okay, now, to keep things simple, I've named these three things. The three piece, all right, and the first one is really how it all begins. If you haven't done this step, it's really hard to ever achieve a level of progress that you want. By adding the other two P's that we're going to go through, okay, and the very first P that we're going to be talking about today, all right, is perspective slash, purpose. All right. Being able to choose a perspective that is going to drive you forward, all right. For so many people that I speak to on a daily basis, their perspective is based on the past, it's based on pain, it's based on trauma, it's based on failure attempts, it's based on circumstances and situations that may or may not be in their control or out of their control, and none of their perspective is attached to their purpose, what it is that they actually want, and for a lot of people, they don't even know what that is. They've lost sight of it because they've forgotten, they haven't spent time figuring out who they are. And that might sound cliche or lame to some of you, but it blows my mind. After changing lives for 24 years, how many people can articulate for me all the things that they don't like, all the things that they're unhappy about? But yet, when I ask them a simple question around what is it that you actually want? What makes you happy? What is it that you want to work towards? I don't know. You don't know. No, I don't know. I'm like cool. So your entire perspective and your day to day activity and your purpose and everything else is just what? Just trying to survive and cope through all the things that you don't like, and then somehow, on the other side, you're going to achieve a level of progress, and then you're frustrated why things aren't changing and why you aren't moving forward and you're not achieving what you want Blows my mind. But it's how we operate. It's how so many people stay stuck, and what you've got to understand about being stuck is you're stuck in this place called limbo. I call it the pit of pain or the gap You're stuck between where you are now and where you want to be, and ultimately, in order for you to go towards where you want to be, there has to be a level of progress, and if there's no progress, you just stay stuck in the middle. Then you have feelings of guilt, blame and shame, you have feelings of being a failure and you just dig yourself into a deeper and darker hole and ultimately, you just stay in the same place and often even digressing your backwards. And you have to understand that progress is directly connected and associated with happiness. So, for a lot of you, the first step might just be I want to be happy. Great, if you want to be happy, let's look at where we can progress. Let's look at what you can change, let's look at what you can do in order to start achieving something, and that achievement might just be you being a better, you living better day to day, you doing things that are in line with who you want to be, and that might be as simple as like your fucking daily routine or getting up earlier, or achieving things that you say you were going to do. I could blows my mind how many people I speak to. They go through an entire day and they don't do anything and they look at it all and then it consumes them and then they get anxiety and then they feel frustrated and overwhelmed. And all of this stuff, yet still nothing got done. And then it just compacts and compounds on to the next day and they're going to the next day with all of the shit from the previous day on top of them, weighing them down. And ultimately, if I understand that happiness is attached to progress and I constantly, on a daily basis, do everything I can not to progress, even if that's not your intention, but that's the results then of course you're not happy, of course you feel stuck. Of course does all of these negative emotions attached to what's happening on a day to day basis because you're not moving. When you can choose a perspective that's in line with what you want and it might be unknown because you haven't given it time, attention, effort, consistency, anything All you have to decide is that this is a perspective that is in line with where I want to go. You might not see the end destination yet, you might just see the next couple of steps, maybe even just the next step, and that's enough. That's enough for me to know that I can go from where I am to that next step and I can achieve that level of progress. I can hit my alarm, I can get up and I can get it done. I don't drink any water Cool, tomorrow I'm going to drink half a liter of water Great, I fill up a water bottle, I set it in the fridge. I start. The next day. By the afternoon I've drunk it at all. Great, I achieve progress. I achieve that first step. What's next? Hopefully now you can understand that without this, I can't then work on the other two P's. I can't then really see myself ever being able to achieve what I want, because I haven't even started to progress at the basic level, because I haven't even chosen a perspective that's in line with where I want to go. All of my perspectives, all of my emotions, all of my thoughts, feelings and everything else are attached to things in the past. They have nothing to do with the future, unless you put them in the way and you decide to carry them with you. That's it, okay. P number two is proactive. So much of your day, so much of your emotional state, so much of how you operate on a day-to-day basis is reactive because you have no clarity, right? You haven't set your course in terms of where you want to go and why you want to go there. So, when things happen, you just react to them, and then suddenly you get to the end of the day and you don't even know where the day went. You don't even know what you did, you don't even know how you ended up getting to the end of the day and now you're trying to gather yourself and figure out what the hell just happened. Right, everything is super reactive because you're not in control or you have the opportunity to be in control of. You're not taking control of. There's going to be certain things every single day as parents, employees, business owners, people that is going to be out of your control. Shit's going to happen, something's going to come up that is completely blindsided. You Wasn't something that you thought was going to happen, but it's going to happen. It's going to happen often, okay, for parents, probably every week. How do you make sure, then, that, around all of those things that you can control, that you have to choose how you're going to react to? How do you then choose what you are going to control? All right, this is actually the easiest part, yet it's the part that most people don't do. The reason why is because it's just as easy not to do as it is to do it. That might sound silly, but it's the number one reason why most people don't do anything, because it's just as easy not to, until things get so bad that they now have to. It starts with you. What can I control about myself? Because all this other stuff is going on externally, it's going on around me, it's going on circumstantially, situationally, whatever it might be, but it's out of your control. I can control me One. I can control how I react to whatever's going on. Am I going to allow it to freak me out and overwhelm me and derail me and take me away from everything that I want to focus on today, or do I just have to deal with it and then still find my windows up, opportunity to focus on me, to still find time for me to get up earlier so that I can do me before everything else? What can I control? Because whatever I control now, I'm being proactive, which is attached to progress. I'm moving me forward. I'm moving in alignment with where I want to go, even though everything is pulling me out of alignment and everything is trying to take away my time, my energy, my focus. What do I need to do to be proactive? Like I said, one, I'm going to be proactive. Choose how you're going to react to everything that's going on around you that you're not in control of, and then two the things that I can be in control of, which is me and my actions and my reactions. What do I need to do? That's in alignment with where I need to go and that's it. Could be one thing. I even had a client this morning that I messaged and like shit's crazy this week People dying people, hospital people killing themselves, like all of this stuff going on and my only advice to her was like, just find 30 minutes for yourself this week, do it. I don't care if you go get your nails done, I don't care if you go do whatever. Just find 30 minutes to yourself, because that is proving to your subconscious and to you and your internal belief systems that you can control. You can still find time for you. You can still focus on you when everything in life is testing you. And the more times you do that, the more reps that you put in making that choice, the more that you'll build that belief and the more that's where you will start to become more and more proactive, which is ultimately what we want, because if our entire lives are based around our reactions, our lives are about everybody else. They're about everything else and they're not about what we want and where we're going and what we need to do on a consistent basis to get there. And then you wonder why, suddenly, a year's gone, two years, three years, five years some of the women I speak to has been fucking 20 years and they haven't done a single thing for themselves, not a single thing, and they think it's okay. Sorry, but that's fucked up. It's not okay at all at any level, no matter what story you try and spin about how you do it for everybody else. You basically told yourself that you're not important for the last 20 years, which is not okay. Number three like I said, this is the most important one, because without this, the other two are just going to crumble over time. The other two are just going to be things that you do when you feel like it or things that you do when maybe you have a little bit more time, enthusiasm, energy, whatever it might be All right, and that's perseverance. All right Now, in order to persevere, it means that I have to be able to push through resistance. And another word if I want to build resilience, I can't build resilience without resistance. So in order for me to start to build a level of perseverance, I need to be able to find time for me, even when everything is pulling me away from that. Being able to stay focused on the end outcome. Even though I've hit 15 roadblocks, being smacked in the face 10 times, fallen down 30 times, lost my way, 40 times, cried, whatever it might be, do I have the perseverance to stay focused on where I'm going? Do I have the perseverance to pick myself up, to dust myself off, to take that next step forward, to refocus, to realign and recommit to me? Because life is going to test you, people around you are going to test you. Your relationship is going to test you. It's probably not going to support you and what you want. You're the only person that can do that. And are you willing to show up time in and time out when everything around you is trying to derail that? Everything around you is trying to take away from what it is that you're trying to achieve? Thank you, most of you won't, and that's sad, because perseverance is just a muscle. Preserverance is a skill set. Preserverance is a characteristic that we can build through time through pushing through resistance, through staying in there when I don't want to stay in there, when things are uncomfortable, when things are unclear, when there's uncertainty and doubt, I still hang in there. Because on the other side of that is me. On the other side of that is a better outcome. On the other side of that is me building that level of resilience to get through anything that I need to in the future. And it's why some people you'll see that, regardless of how many things have happened in their lives, they have this level of tolerance and perseverance just to keep moving forward, to not let things get in their way, to not derail from what it is that they're working towards. And it's not because they magically have a human characteristic that you missed out on in life. It's because they built it through their life. They built it through experience. They built it through putting in the reps and showing up and dealing with the pain and all of the trauma that might have been there for them to still keep moving forward. That's why I love working with women who have tried everything and nothing's worked, because we give them the tools to make sure that they never go into that pattern again, that they build. The level of perseverance that they start with the three P is getting clear in their perspective, starting to become more proactive in alignment with the progress that they're trying to achieve. Therefore, building more perseverance to stay the course and doing things long enough to achieve a level of results that will never, ever go back. Think about that. Imagine being able to do something for 12 months maybe a little bit longer and never, ever, have to deal with that problem again. Never, ever go back through that cycle again. Never, ever put that weight back on again. Never, ever allow people to dictate your time, energy, self-worth and self-love again. That's what excites me. That's what I'm passionate about. So if you are struggling to achieve progress and you want to know exactly how to move away from that, send me a DM. I will literally send you a masterclass that breaks down the six keys to self-love self-mastery, which drives two incredible results. If that's you and you want to make sure that you create a level of change and a level of results that are going to transform your life, then hit me up and I'll send you a link to that. Next, start thinking about where these three P's are showing up in your life. How are you showing up around the three P's to guarantee that you start achieving what you want and that you become a better version of you?

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